Kenneth S. Palacio-Baus

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Ph.D Candidate
Networks, Information, Communications + Engineering Systems - NICEST LAB,
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

SEO 900, Sciences and Engineering Offices building
851 South Morgan Street
Chicago, IL 60607
E-mail: kpalac2 [AT] uic [DOT] edu

About me

Welcome to my web page!

I am Kenneth and come from Ecuador, South America. I was born in a city called Guayaquil, and grew up in beautiful Cuenca. I am currently pursuing my Ph.D at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) under the supervision of Professor Natasha Devroye. I work in the field of Information Theory, which I find very interesting and challenging. It involves lots of imagination and mathematics. I like to work on complicated problems and to learn new stuff. My current work focuses on error exponents of two-way communication channels.


My research interests include

  • Information Theory

  • Communications Theory

  • Digital Signal Processing

  • Neural Networks and Knowledge representation

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  • July 2021: Our article “Achievable Error Exponents for Two-Way AWGN Channels” will be presented at ISIT-2022.

  • Apr 2021: ITW-2020 will be a virtual conference due to the pandemic. Our paper will be presented in the Statistics and Information Theory II session.

  • Jan 2021: I will take the Network Information Theory course offered at the ECE Department of UIC this Spring 2021 semester. The course is taught by Professor Daniela Tuninetti. This is gonna be lots of fun.

  • Dec 2020: Our paper “Achievable error exponents for the two-way parallel DMC” has been accepted to be presented at the Information Theory Workshop ITW-2020. Very good news!

  • Nov 2020: I will be having my preliminary examination next month. It will be held over zoom due to the pandemic.

  • Mar 2020: My beautiful and healthy baby girl Ilse has born. She brings infinite happyness to my life and joy to our families. Baby, you decided to come to the world in a very particular time.

  • Mar 2020: World Health Organization declares a pandemic. There will be tough times ahead.

  • Jan 2020: A virus with unknown origin has been detected in Wuhan, province of Hubei in China. It seems the rest of the world is expecting to watch how China's government address this situation. Let's hope it does not scale up.

  • Jun 2019: Professor Daniela Tuninetti from the NICEST LAB, will be giving a talk for the “Emerging Technology Speaker Series - Motorola Mobility LLC” organized by IEEE Chicago Chapter. Event details can be found here.

  • Mar 2019: Our papers: “Error Exponents of Parallel Two-way Discrete Memoryless Channels using Variable Length Coding” and “Variable-length Coding Error Exponents with Noisy Feedback for the AWGN Channel at Zero-Rate”, have been accepted to be presented in the 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), to be held in Paris, France, this summer.

  • Mar 2018: Our papers: “A Relaying Graph and Special Strong Product for Zero-error Problems in Primitive Relay Channels” and “On Two-way AWGN Channel Error Exponents at Zero Rate”, have been accepted to the 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), to be held in Vail Colorado, USA.

  • Spring semester 2017: I passed my Qualifying Examination in the areas of Signal Processing and Communications.

  • Fall semester 2016: I have started my Ph.D, so excited to come back to UIC and to Chicago. I'm very happy I will be working under the supervision of Professor Natasha Devroye.


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